Impact of wrapping multi-material on silage quality

04 Sep 2018

The Farm Dynamics (Pvt) Ltd. Pakistan & SILOTITE Belgium, jointly hosted an informative seminar on above cited subject. In participation, we had commercial silage producers, corporate consumers, exporters, agri consultants and nominations from different working agencies and academia. The eminent speaker was Mr. Johannes, from Austria.

Key Points in Discussion:

  • Importance, chemical composition & manufacturing science of wrapping sheets/film
  • Difference and impact of cast & blown technology involved in wrap manufacturing
  • No of wraps per bale, thickness variation and their influence on mold barrier
  • Preference of inner sheet instead of net in regards with quality and cost
  • Comparative cost analysis of quality wrap for both producer & consumer
  • Impact of wrapping material on silage quality, efficient fermentation & preservation
  • Storage precautions, shelf life and suggestions to eradicate rodents problem
  • Ultimate effect of quality wrap in animal production ( case study & research data)