Overhead Traveling Irrigation System

Central Pivot Irrigation & Linear Moving Irrigation Systems

  • Uniform irrigation
  • Less water requirement
  • Adoptable to more uneven terrain than most other irrigation systems
  • Better usage of water resources, particularly in arid regions

RKD, Spain is one of the industry leaders in Central Pivot Irrigation and Linear Move irrigation systems since 1962. Having a wide variety of irrigation solutions, RKD leads in matching clients’ requirements regardless of shape & terrain of the area. With constant innovations, it has a name among the top European manufacturers.

Hose Reel Irrigators

  • Uniform application
  • Adoptable to irregular fields
  • Portability – can be easily towed to different fields
  • Irrigating wide ranges of crops

OCMIS IRRIGATION SPA, Italy is the world leader in hose reel irrigators with an experience of more than 35 years in the sector, giving its equipment the following advantages:

  • Simple to Operate (One man operation)
  • Long lasting machines (Avg. life 15-20 years)
  • Affordable – fast payback of initial investment
  • Low maintenance requirement

Product Catalogue (Click to Preview)

RKD Pivot Irrigation - Catalog
OCMIS Hosereel Irrigators - Catalog

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