Irrigation System Deployment – A Complete Process

Pakistan’s irrigation system is the world’s largest interconnected irrigation network that covers over 18 million hectares of cultivated land.

Agriculture is the main source of income for 72% of Pakistan’s population. The development of irrigation in Pakistan started in the latter part of the 19th century on a scientific basis with major goals to reduce the risk of starvation and sustain political and social stability.

High-Efficiency Irrigation Methods In Pakistan

Sophisticated and high-efficiency irrigation methods of water application are used in larger irrigation systems. There are two basic methods:

  1. Sprinkler Irrigation/ Overhead Irrigation
  2. Drip Irrigation: Surface And Subsurface


Artificial rainfall is provided by irrigation by the sprinkler. A pipe system in which the liquid is under pressure guides the water to the ground. The spraying is accomplished using multiple spinning sprinkler heads or spray nozzles or a single gun type sprinkler. Sprinkler System is subdivided into Centre Pivot, Rain Gun and Lateral Move System.


Appropriate for a wide range of field crops like wheat, pulses, gram, as well as vegetables, cotton, tea, coffee, soya bean, and other fodder crops. Also, suitable for residential, industrial, hotel, public & government enterprises, resorts, golf links, and racecourses.


Through drip irrigation, also referred to as trickle irrigation, a pipe system leads the water to the ground. A pipe is mounted on the field next to the line of plants or trees. A hole is created in the tubing and fitted with an emitter at regular intervals between the plants or branches. The water is distributed through these emitters gradually, drop by drop, to the crops.


Appropriate for irrigation of row crops like Sugarcane, banana, strawberry, vegetables, cotton, spices and floriculture. Also recommended to use in nurseries and greenhouses, used for widely spaced horticultural plants like citrus, mango, guava, apple, etc.

Components Used In Drip Irrigation:

  • Pump or pressurized water source
  • Water filter(s) or filtration systems: sand separator, Fertigation systems (Venturi injector)
  • Backwash controller (Backflow prevention device)
  • Distribution lines (main larger diameter pipe, maybe secondary smaller, pipe fittings)
  • Pressure Control Valve (pressure regulator)
  • Hand-operated, electronic, or hydraulic control valves and safety valves
  • Poly fittings and accessories (to make connections)
  • Smaller diameter polyethylene tube (often called “laterals”)
  • Emitting devices at plants (emitter or dripper, micro-spray head, inline dripper or inline drip tube)

Benefits Of Deploying Efficient Irrigation System For Farmer

  • Uniform And Precise Irrigation
  • Less Water Requirement
  • Adoptable To More Uneven Terrain
  • Better Usage Of Water Resources, Particularly In Arid Regions
  • Uniform Growth And Sustainable Production
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • A Substantial Increase In Yield And Quality
  • Accessing The Field During Irrigation

Problems of Irrigation System

Increasing salinity and waterlogging, low efficacy in delivering and use, overexploitation of fresh groundwater, unbalanced distribution, fickle delivery, and inadequate cost recovery are some of the major problems faced by farmers.

FDP— A Complete Solution provider

Farm Dynamic Pakistan comprehends the catastrophic problems faced by agriculturalists and farmers. That’s why FDP deals with imported and high-efficiency irrigation systems. Such as:

Overhead Traveling Irrigation System

  • RKD is Spain’s one of the industry leaders in linear move irrigation and center pivot irrigation systems.
  • OCMIS Irrigation Spa is Italy’s largest supplier in hose reel irrigators with an experience of more than 35 years in the sector.

Surface & Sub-surface Drip Irrigation System

  • Rivulis Irrigation is a renowned drip irrigation system supplier, leading in providing micro-irrigation solutions and surface & subsurface drip irrigation systems, customized as per user needs.

Feel free to contact us regarding product discussions and services related to irrigation systems and other field mechanization technology.

Central Pivot Irrigation & Linear Moving Irrigation Systems

Central Pivot Irrigation & Linear Moving Irrigation Systems

  • Uniform irrigation
  • Less water requirement
  • Adoptable to more uneven terrain than most other irrigation systems