John Deere Machines In Pakistan At Affordable Rates

John Deere is an American organization that beholds a prominent name in manufacturing agricultural and forestry machinery. For more than 180 years, John Deere has benefited farmers and entrepreneurs all around the world with visionary and disciplined leaders.

Their agenda is Quality! The corporation thrives to deliver value to customers, employees, and shareholders. Their quality is displayed in many ways: by selling and supporting products and services that delight customers, by creating a working environment in which employees thrive, by delivering financial results that meet investor expectations, and by maintaining sound relationships for stakeholders ‘ benefit.

With respect to Pakistan’s agricultural situation, utilizing top-notch quality machinery such as provided by John Deere, will help you in increasing revenue and profit.

John Deere Agricultural Products

John Deere is committed to invent, design, and develop innovative products and services that have high appeal in the marketplace. They utilize state-of-the-art technology to establish world-class manufacturing processes and apply the most innovative information technology tools and practices.

A variety of agricultural and farm equipment are available at John Deere such as cutters and shredders, harvesting equipment, hay and forage equipment, performance upgrade kits, planting equipment, seeding equipment, sprayers & applicators, tillage equipment, etc.

FDP has a tradition to deal with premium quality products such as:


High HorsePower John Deer Tractors are available in 6B and 6J Series Tractors.

6B Series Tractor

John Deere built his reputation for manufacturing efficient farm machinery. John Deere stands for trustworthiness. The 6B Series lives up to that name.

These tests include wind tunnels, cold rooms, bump tracks, tilt platforms, electrical magnetic interference tests, and mud baths–all designed to recreate agricultural conditions in their most intensive form–as part of their development, all new tractors are subject to many years of testing before being released on the market.

The John Deere 6B Tractors are designed to handle a wide range of tools, including tillage, plow, harrow, seeding equipment, and specialty applications.

6J Series Tractor

To order to better match your needs, the sophisticated 6J Series tractors go far beyond mere innovative design. It uses the HPCR Engine from PowerTech.

The 6J tractor, powered by 6 cylinder 6.81-motors, is fitted with a reserved torque of up to 28 percent to meet the demands of your fields. The engine provides you with the well-proven fuel economy that you need to get more for less with the John Deere design quality and robust product testing.

Benefits Of John Deere Tractor

  • More efficient engine output for maximum uptime
  • Higher torque and more power guaranteeing performance in the hardest working conditions
  • Improved fuel efficiency

Sugarcane Harvester

With its superior comfort and revolutionary cane handling system, the all-new CH570 harvester can deliver better returns for your project by growing the quantity and quality of the cane harvested from your field at a reduced cost during your crop’s life cycle.

Top-quality parts and components are used to build your harvester, so why use anything but the same top-quality parts to keep up and running your investment? Genuine John Deere Parts is the answer to all your maintenance requirements.

Sugarcane Planter

John Deere offers superior sugarcane planter machinery, so with the minimum investment, you gain maximum uptime. John Deere sugarcane Harvester plants have the following characteristics

  • Planting up to 10 acres per day with one planting machine
  • Single & double line with consistent row spacing
  • Multilevel soil and moisture control
  • Higher performance, lower cost

Hay Making Machinery

These forage harvesters at John Deere are stronger and more efficient while maintaining silage of high quality. Carry extra film rolls and install them with no equipment in less than a minute. Using the Rapid Release System, produce and bundle up to 60 bales an hour and speed up 40/rpm wrapping arms. Bale. Wrap it up. And it’s done.

  • Easy and cost-effective processing of bales
  • Easy and cost-effective transport of bales
  • Simple development of mixed feed

Pruning Machines

Pruning gets rid of unwanted parts of plants like branches and stubs that are dead, diseased, damaged and dying. One of the main advantages of pruning outdoor plants is the better management of insects and pests.

Pruning by modern machinery reduces the amount of wood on a crop, allowing more fuel for big, safe flowers to be grown.

The method should increase the number of young shoots that mature to produce flowers when pruning is done appropriately.

Advantages Of Pruning Machines

  • Developing better fruit
  • Improving Structural support for fruit production
  • Making fruit processing safer
  • Helps to keep orchards free from disease
FDP—An authorized dealer of John Deere in Pakistan

FDP over the years has remained active in introducing agriculture/farming techniques and products. We have the equipment that is needed for good farming practices. FDP is one of the authorized dealers in Pakistan that is providing standard-based machinery.

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