Livestock Farming In Pakistan – Dairy Farming In Pakistan

Rain Or Shine, Dairy Farmers Care For Their Cows 365 Days Of The Year!

Dairy Farming is a very hot topic in Pakistan nowadays. Most experienced and would-be entrepreneurs have already jumped onto Pakistan’s Dairy Farming bandwagon and even more, are talking about getting into dairy farming.

Before starting with the basics of livestock farming, let’s dig in some statistics.  Pakistan is primarily an agricultural country with a large population of livestock. It is an important agricultural sub-sector and assumes a pivotal position in Pakistan’s entire economic strategy. This comprises about 38 percent of the agricultural value and offers direct or indirect jobs to nearly 50 percent of the population and 9.4 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP).

The Importance Of Livestock Farming

Dairy farming is not just the market’s demand, but also a fundamental requirement. People require milk (and meat) of good quality. This ties in with the philosophy of philanthropy for benefit where you have a chance to actually help people out and earn prayers and money. Dairy farming offers numerous benefits such as:

  • Backbone and mainstay of the economy (provides the raw material for the food & Leather industry).
  • Major source of food, i.e. meat.
  • Source of Farmyard Manure (FYM).
  • Ample human resource employment sector.
  • Sizeable foreign exchanges earning through exports.
  • Low-cost living standard.
  • Stationed, permanently located secured loaning sector.
  • Full family involvement, devoted & hardworking sector.

Essential Equipment For Dairy Farming

Compact Tractor

The efficient tractor is one of the critical components of a farm. Tractors account for a large portion of farm mechanization we see today. High HorsePower John Deer Tractors supplied by FDP is an affordable option to start with.

Harvesting Equipment

If you want to grow any crop on more than 160 acres of land, what you can do is choose the best harvesting equipment in Pakistan and harvest without wasting a lot of time and effort.

Tractor Implements/Add-Ons

Add-ons like tillers, sprayers, loaders, etc., are some of the components you need for the effective results in running a farm.

Basic Tools & Livestock Equipment

A few things that are common in every farmer’s basket are wheelbarrows, shovels, digging fork, etc.

If you are planning on farming a variety of animals, just make sure to arrange feed buckets and watering systems from initially to avoid chaos.

Fortunately, several advanced technologies are already well established in these areas. But the need for time is to apply them effectively at the grass-root level. For example, there is no noteworthy interaction between veterinary extension staff and livestock. Therefore, efficient free veterinary services need to be strengthened. Instead of importing bulls from overseas, the high pedigree bulls of Sahiwal, Nili-Ravi and Red Sindhi breeds should be used for improving cow and buffalo yields of milk.

Ideal Seeds For Your Livestock

Other farm management practices include cozy and ventilated barns, drinking water and feeding as required. The right-time vaccine is required against Rinderpest, Black Quarter, and Foot & Mouth Disease.

It will also improve the overall performance of the herd by eliminating internal and external parasites. The lack of a calf weaning system is a weakness in the beef industry’s growth. Too many young male calves are being slaughtered very early because of the high milk price needed to feed them.

But you can cover it up in regards to fodder. Dynamic Seeds (Seed division of FDP) is the prominent fodder seeds supplier in Pakistan that offers top-notch quality seeds of the following fodders:

  • Rhodes Grass
  • Rye Grass

Role Of FDP In Livestock Farming In Pakistan

Farm Dynamic Pakistan offers high quality imported DynaRYE and DynaRHODES from Australia. It has high nutrition value for cattle and farm animals. Because:

  • 2 to 3 liters increase in milk production
  • 1 to 1½ increase in meat production
  • 18 to 26% protein content
  • Haylage: 3 ton per harvest/per hectare
  • Dry fodder: 1.5 to 2 ton per harvest/per hectare

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