10+ Reasons To Use Rhodes & Ryegrass To Feed Your Cattle

  • November 20th, 2018
  • Seeds

Drought, feed shortage and poor health of cattle could be your biggest nightmares if you’re a farmer or own a dairy farm. Being the Rhodes and Ryegrass seeds suppliers, we understand all your concerns connected to the health of your animals that is proportionally connected with the monthly production of milk and meat. You can’t predict the rainfall the coming year but you can find a viable option to arrange pasture for your buffaloes, bulls and cows. And we’ve tried our best to enable you in keeping the feed stock available round the year with the right selection. Read on and discover what fodder seeds would fit best in your quest to cater your animals.

As the wheat, corn and rice are considered a healthy source of food for humans, the cattle depend on grass to fulfill their food requirements. To avoid the instances of drought or feed shortage, you can turn to Rhodes and ryegrass fodder seeds that contain immense benefits for you – and your cattle. To unleash the full potential of ryegrass and Rhodes grass seeds, we recommend you an improved solution in shape of DynaRhodes Tolgar Grass and DynaRye Emmerson Grass. Let’s explore about the definitions and benefits of these two fodder seeds and how they can solve your pasturing related challenges.

Rhodes grass is basically a tropical grass that is widely used as feeding source as a fresh or dry fodder of farm animals in tropical and subtropical countries. We’ve selected Rhodes grass seeds due to their ability to maximize those elements that help you in yielding a large quantity of Rhodes grass. You can stock up the feed for your animals for all seasons. Let’s discuss some of the benefits that you can expect from Rhodes grass seeds in Pakistan.


  • Reduce the cultivation intervals with our DynaRhodes Tolgar Grass seeds that allow you to cultivate grass for up to 3 years. One time sowing can give you up to 8 cuts per year.
  • Get cut after every 25 to 30 days.
  • Minimal water requirements as compared to other crops.
  • Cultivate your land using DynaRhodes Tolgar Grass seed and obtain a perfect feed source for your animals with best shape of stem, leaf and cut of the grass.
  • One of the qualities of DynaRhodes Tolgar Grass seeds is that they can combat with pests so you can expect a crop safe from their attack at all stages of cultivation.
  • Highly digestible, palatable and healthy for your cattle including cows, buffaloes and bulls.
  • DynaRhodes Tolgar Grass seeds allow you to cultivate and harvest your land at any time of the year and expect up to 250 mound of production per year.
  • Improves soil structure by disposing of excess of salts. Ability to dispose of excess of salts, meaning exceptional salt tolerance.

Ryegrass is regarded as one of the ideal feed sources for those animals that are used for domestic production or for obtaining meat. We’ve improvised the characteristics of our DynaRye Emmerson Grass seeds to help you in producing a healthy and durable ryegrass for your buffaloes, cows and goats. Below are some of the advantages of using DynaRye Emmerson Grass seeds into your grass production activities for your diary/farm.


  • DynaRye Emmerson Grass seeds are highly recommended for cold areas as they can bear freezing temperatures and frost conditions.
  • Higher Protein level-up to 26 %.
  • You can expect 5-8 cuts throughout the year depending upon the climatic conditions of an area.
  • DynaRye Emmerson Grass can also tolerate different sort of diseases and insects’ pests’ attacks as compared to other fodder crops
  • Highly palatable and digestible for your animals
  • The ryegrass crop is an eco-friendly feeding source which means you could maintain the proportion between elements that impact on land erosion.

We do hope that with the usage of DynaRhodes Tolgar Grass and DynaRye Emmerson Grass seeds, you can stunningly cope with the feeding challenges of your domestic animals. You may stock the feed for the time that is unfavorable for cultivation and harvesting and continue feeding your animals round the year.

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