The new technology has enabled farmers to obtained silage in more quantity and high quality using Silage Machinery around the world. Today, we can ditch the 4-step process of obtaining silage to store food for livestock and stay prepared for the whole year. Where many have adopted this new advancement in silage making process, so many farmers are yet to discover the real potential of silage making machinery that works more efficiently and effectively in comparison to traditional silage making procedures. Let’s discuss how silage making machinery beats human hands and traditional silage making skills in this modern age.

In order to obtain livestock food using silage making process, one has to deal with 4 differentprocedures i.e. preparations, harvesting, chopping and storage.

  • The primary step of silage making involves preparing sufficient space that is allocated by the expected food production.
  • Once space is prepared, the process leads to the harvesting of crop.
  • Later, when the crop is harvested, the chopping phase takes place using silage machine.
  • The last step of silage making involves airtight storage of chopped crop and this whole step should be completed in max 16 hours.

The traditional method of making silage involves 4 different steps and each step requires a considerable amount of time alone. Given that, the whole process of silage making spans upon days until the silage is ready for the storage (and later usage) for your animals. Below are the distinctive features that you get to have when you opt for silage making machinery by ditching the conventional silage making process.

  • With silage making machinery at your disposal, you can reduce the production space as the machine can do all the tasks without using 4 different land spaces.
  • With the use of machinery, you can reduce production time as it allows you to chop and stock the silage simultaneously.
  • You can adjust a uniform size of crop that is subject to be converted into silage during the process.
  • Less time and land space means less expenses that is usually occurs on the silage making process when we opt for conventional method.
  • With the usage of silage making machinery, you can complete the whole process in hours instead of days which enables you to produce more stock using technological advancement.

If we compare old method of silage making with the new one that involves the usage of silagemachines, we can reduce the production time by half. Where the old method requires a large amount of land that is dedicated to the silage making process, the new (and better) option of silage making machinery offers mobility to the whole procedure. You can drive the machinery to any place where you intend to produce and store silage. And apart from mobility factor, the cost of silage production can also be reduced by half which impacts on your farming budget in a positive way. Produce and store silage at any capacity required and feed your cows round the year in double quantity using silage making machinery.