Advance Farming With Modern Agriculture Techniques | FDP Pakistan

Pakistan’s agriculture sector is the backbone of the economy and a chief source of livelihood. The main reason for the low quality of grains and low farm productivity is the lack of farm mechanization. Farm mechanization comprises of the use of mechanical technology in the various farming operations from sowing to harvesting such as threshing, watering spraying and other related farm activities. That is the reason Farm Dynamics Pakistan promotes modern agriculture techniques discussed below.

Farm Mechanization And Modern Agriculture Techniques

Modern farming is a package of technology to ensure appropriate and timely field operations, increased per capita income, and reduction in crop losses with high-quality grains.

Machinery For Advance Farming

Modern farming helps farmers to get significant profits and high productivity. Farm Dynamics Pakistan has a huge and advanced collection of farm equipment, farm implements, agricultural fencing equipment, farm tractors, farm tools, agricultural spray equipment and much more.

A wide variety of sophisticated equipment is imported including:

  • Mechanized Sugarcane Planter
  • Pruning Machines
  • High HorsePower John Deere Tractors
  • Silage Baler, Wrapper & Hay Making Machinery
  • Mechanized Sugarcane Harvesters
  • Pest Control And Modern Agriculture

In modern agriculture, for pest control, FDP promotes Automated Pest Monitoring. It is a sustainable alternative to avoid contamination of natural surroundings by chemicals. Trapview—automated pest monitoring provides real time examining of pest situation in the field. It also offers easy data sharing option. Other characteristics include:

  • Efficient pest control
  • Optimized pesticide application
  • Increased precision of monitoring at lower costs
  • Fewer residues in harvested fruits
  • Slower development of pesticide resistance
  • Reduced spray cost
  • Improved biological control

Other approaches can be biological control of insects, planting pest-resistant crops and destroying the zones where they are nesting. Genetically produced plants can resist disease and pests attack, rewards the farmer with better yield because less money is used on plant protection measures.

Dynamic Seeds For Modern Farming

Pakistan’s private and public sector needs to work in close partnership to create indigenous varieties of pest, drought and climate-resistant seeds.

Along with seed production, other factors are also considered such as:

  • Environmental Conditions
  • Fertilization Treatments
  • Soil Characteristics
  • Watering
  • Tillage
  • The Farmer

The seed is the first element of the future plant development. Benefits from the breeding can only be conveyed to the farmer if good quality seed is released.

One of the ways to enhance the yield without adding appreciably to the extent of the land now under cultivation is by planting high-quality seeds. FDP promotes advanced fodder seeds such as DynaRYE (Emmerson ryegrass) and DynaRHODES (Rhodes grass).

Drip Irrigation For Tunnel Farming

Cultivating out-of-season crops in a controlled atmosphere in polythene tunnels is called Tunnel Farming. In Pakistan, this kind of farming is usually adopted for off-season cultivation of summer vegetables.

Drip irrigation in water shortage areas is the best way of irrigation. FDP is a renowned supplier of Rivulis drip irrigation system. This irrigation system increases the water use efficiency if fertilizers are applied through drips as fertigation (injection of fertilizers). It also offers more splits of fertilizers; even micronutrients can be used, through the initial growth periods.

Modern Agriculture Equipment At FDP

Farm Dynamics Pakistan is a brainchild of 2nd generation farmers who have been involved in managing family farms for more than 20 years. FDP upholds a vision to enhance the agriculture sector of Pakistan by promoting modern agricultural machinery.