All You Need to Know About Rhodes Grass

Benefits of Rhodes Grass

Here are a number of benefits associated with growing Rhodes Grass Hay. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • First of all, the crop only requires to be cultivating after every 3 years depending upon the climate and seed. It saves farmers in regions such as Pakistan who grow around 3 crops from having to allocate different fertilizers, machinery, land preparations, water distribution as well as pesticides.
  • Secondly, owing to rising demand for livestock farms and local dairy as well as the rapidly emerging export markets, Rhodes Grass hay has readily available buyers in private sector and hence the fodder does not undergo from extreme price variations as countersigned the past few years with cotton, rice, potatoes, wheat, and maize. The reliability and security in income is a substantial benefit for farmers that plan to grow fodder crops such as Rhodes Grass.
  • Finally, as there are around 8 to 9 cuts of Rhodes Grass all through the months of summer Rhodes grass should be cut every 20 to 25 days, farmers spectates abrupt profits and income for their struggles.

Points To Consider While Growing Rhodes Grass

Though, just like all other crops, there are some exclusive aspects to grow Rhodes Grass which must be understood, such as:

  • Scalability is crucial in case a farmer is to utilize available machinery.
  • Quality constraints for global markets need proper farming machinery with the intention of making bales that are consistent in color and texture
  • Proficient farm machinery is a valued investment
  • Mainstream of Rhodes grass purchasers are outside Pakistan. There are cyclical price fluctuations which entrepreneurs and farmers would do well with the intention of considering for sustainable sales in long run.
  • Profits were boosted by ways of adopting a justifiable approach considering a 12-month cycle and profiting from the fact that Rhodes grass is not a fragile product whose logistics can be managed consequently.

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  • Improved yields
  • Higher leaf to stem ratio
  • Unvarying maturity; hostile spreading pattern
  • Fine stem & leafs
  • Proficient planting, rapid sprouting & growth

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