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Farm Dynamics Pakistan solely believes in this. We make sure the seed you sow; reap as the best possible profit for your business. There is an extensive variety of dynamic seeds available on our website. Recently, our DynaRYE Emmerson is in business like hotcakes. Numerous clients ask our experts how DynaRYE is a good alternative to Berseem. This 2 minute read blog explain a brief comparison between the two.


What Is Berseem Seed

Berseem is a fast-growing, top-quality forage that is mainly cut and fed as green chopped forage. Flowers are yellowish-white in color. Berseem can be planted alone or in combination with other seeds. It is usually mixed with winter cereal crop (oats) or grass (ryegrass) to make high-quality silage.

What Is Emmerson Seed

DynaRYE Emmerson is a new generation broad-leaved ryegrass adapted to a wide range of environments. It has very good autumn-early winter production and a huge spring flush, ideal for fodder conservation. Emmerson has shown exceptional disease resistance, in particular, a low incidence of rust in humid environments. It has a fast establishment and grazing recovery.

  • Characteristics Of DynaRYE Emmerson
  • Large seed with excellent vigor
  • Ideal as winter fodder
  • Fast establishment and grazing recovery
  • Ideal for spring flush and fodder conservation
  • High quality with very good disease tolerance
  • Full nutritious and easily digestible for cattle
  • Can provide better live weight gain and milk production per hectare
  • Climatic Conditions In Pakistan

Berseem seed and Emmerson seed have their own optimum conditions. These conditions can vary according to the quality of seeds.


  • Optimum temperature: 15°C – 27°C Optimum temperature: 25°C – 32°C
  • Ideal Rainfall: 550-750 mm Ideal Rainfall: 700-800 mm
  • Why Emmerson is more popular than Berseem?
  • DynaRYE is more popular among dairy farmers because of :
  • Early maturing crops
  • Excellent standing power
  • Full sheath coverage
  • Good early vigor

Berseem requires 14 to 16% of water content. However, 6 to 8% of water content is sufficient for Emmerson ryegrass.

DynaRYE Emmerson Alternative To Berseem

Farm Dynamic Pakistan offers high quality imported DynaRYE from Australia. It has more nutrition value than Berseem for cattle and farm animals. Because:

  • 2 to 3 liters increase in milk production
  • 1 to 1½ increase in meat production
  • 18 to 26% protein content
  • Haylage: 3 ton per harvest/per hectare
  • Dry fodder: 1.5 to 2 ton per harvest/per hectare

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