Future of Hose Reel Irrigation System in Pakistan

The economy of Pakistan remains massively reliant on the agriculture industry. In a country like Pakistan, climate and land are favorable to grow quality crops, though the quality of crops to their potential and development of yield remains far distant objectives. Introduction and advancement of highly sophisticated technologies not only save your precious inputs like fertilizer & water but also can address quality and productivity requirements of the day. A highly efficient Drip Irrigation System brings valuable influence to address all of the aforementioned situations currently faced by Pakistan economy. Let’s talk about some future perspectives regarding a proficient hose reel irrigation system in Pakistan.

Hose Reel Irrigators/Traveling Gun

Hose Reel Irrigators are an impeccable innovation in Pakistan agroecosystem. This hose reel irrigation system also known as traveling irrigation system involves a single portable, powerful sprayer head that sprinkles water in a circular form. These portable sprayers are attached to traveling carts, through a water hose installed. These carts can be located wherever needed, as long as they remain attached to a watering source. These sprayers are perfectly used on irregularly shaped fields; complex-to-reach fields and areas that cannot be properly irrigated on account of power lines, ditches, buildings etc.

Hard Hose vs. Soft Hose Reeling

Hose reel sprinklers are installed in a single area and permitted to run for a specific period of time, afterward moved to water a different field. A hard hose reeling system works with hard plastic hoses reeled against a huge hose reel, hauling the sprinkler cart beside the irrigation path where water is needed. On the other hand, soft hose reeling systems make use of a hose cart that is hauled along an irrigation path through a cable lifter attached to a ground anchor at the end of the field. These High-Efficiency Irrigation Systems in Pakistan are contributing towards a massive increase in productivity as well as the quality of crops.

Engine Driven Hard Hose Reeling System

Hard hose reel system makes use of either an engine or turbine in order to drive reel. It can roll up or pull in the weightier hard hose, moving the gun cart in the course. These engine driven systems operate through a turbine that utilizes energy from the stream of pressurized water movement from water pumps into the gun cart, gradually reeling in the hose every time water moves over the system. Pakistan farming specialists always suggest a turbine hose reeling system as it can plug up without difficulty, mainly when the water propelled through system contains animal wastes.

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