Introducing Automated Pest Monitoring System In Pakistan For Cereal Crops

Cereal crops account for over 50% of human energy and protein needs. They occupy 2/3rd of cultivated land in Pakistan and are the staple food for many regions in the country. The decrease in the yield of cereal crops is significantly due to the influence of biotic factors such as insects, vertebrate pests, diseases, weeds, and rodents. Considering this, Farm Dynamics Pakistan offers an efficient automated pest monitoring system by TrapView.

The Need Of Automated Pest Monitoring System

There is a heavy mandate in Pakistan to foster alternatives to chemical pesticides for controlling agricultural pests.  Currently, farmers are using too many toxic chemicals and using them frequently to control the pests. This extreme pesticide usage threatens the health of farmers as well as consumers. And in the meantime, the pests are becoming tolerant to the chemicals, making it more difficult to manage. Chemical sprays also destroy natural enemies of the pest and disrupt the ecosystem. The use of insecticide also results in an increase in the cost of the product.

The Advantages Offered By Pest Management

Researches have shown chemical pesticides can cause significant health risks to humans, contaminate water supplies, and harm non-target life. We all know prevention is better than cure—so, automated pest management is a must-have for every farmer. The advantages of the pest control system are:

  • Accurate and increased and monitoring at lower prices
  • Effective pest control plans crafted with fewer field visits
  • Real-time vision into the pest activity with anywhere, anytime access
  • Easy data sharing
  • Pest monitoring of wide regions
  • Better client communication
  • Shortened data collection intervals for better accuracy
  • Approach to a great source of data for creating pest control related models
  • Improved monitoring for detailed analysis

How Automated Pest Monitoring System Work

The sensors offer real-time notifications and 24×7 monitoring to all the parties involved. The system is perfect for sensitive environments such as sugarcane fields where the control is crucial.  In the coming future, you will see newer technologies in file sharing, sensors, and collaboration tools to enhance the entire pest monitoring process.

Automated Vertebrate pests Control System

While traps, baits, and chemicals are the conventional ways of combating an infestation, automated pest control system is what pest management services prefer for vertebrate pest control in Pakistan as they offer effective and quick solutions for infestations. The automated system monitors every type of infestation and help in finding out the source and intensity of it. They also help in regulating the plan of action.

Automated pest control systems use rodent sensors placed in various locations of the premises to trail the rodent activity. They function by leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), and making data collection automatic and reporting instantly in real-time. It promotes assurance, accountability, and transparency.

Thus, the automated pest monitoring system is the forthcoming of the pest management industry. It is likely that more and more farmers will leverage this to offer the long-term and most effective and solutions for pest control.