What Makes John Deere Tractors Ideal for your Farming Needs

When it comes to investing in agricultural machinery, one has to make wise decisions. You have to be careful and choose machinery that can meet your farming needs in affordable and durable manner. The same applies to making careful decisions when it comes to buying a tractor. Speaking of tractors…John Deere is an American manufacturing company that manufactures machinery for agricultural, construction and forestry.

Why John Deere?

With their more than a century’s experience, John Deere have invested their time, resources and energies to further improve the design of their farming tractors. The company strives to achieve higher performance with their improvised tractor designed that can withstand any weather condition or roughest land structure. The elements that make John Deere’s tractors preferable in agriculture sectors are:

  • Lifting Capacity
  • Ideal Cabin space
  • Endurance
  • Efficient Fuel Consumption
  • Heavy Duty Design
  • Affordability

Whether you wish to use a heavy equipment or your farming land is spread on a large scale, you can trust John Deere’s tractors for all sort of farming challenges. These tractors can stay with you for years if taken care of properly which makes them a wise investment. Plus, you can select from a wide range of tractors that John Deere offers all having advanced technology and perfect aesthetics.

John Deere’s Tractor Range:

John Deere aims at providing the best tractors that have been customized to meet the farming requirements of farmers and land owners. Made using cutting edge technology and innovative designs, John Deere tractors have been created to provide the ultimate experience. Their tractors make the farming experience exciting. John Deere tractors are known for their excellent performance. With their innovative farming solutions, they’ve introduced different tractors to meet your standards that are mentioned below:

6B Series

Make a wish and the new 6B will fulfill it, that’s how much confidence we have on these reliable, powerful, and economical on fuel tractors. Installed with proven PowerTech 4-cylinder engines, having the record of performing when performance counts and with a cab that will surprise you, these tractors come in 4 models:

  • 6095B (95 HP)
  • 6110B (110 HP)
  • 6120B (120 HP)
  • 6135B (135 HP)

6J Series

Exceptional tractors for your daily work. Ranging from 165 HP to 210 HP, these tractors are a perfect combination of a powerful and economical engine, efficient transmission, versatile hydraulic, modern electronics and an ergonomic operation platform.

Designed for many different applications, these tractors can get more work done with different kinds of implements in the field. The new 6J series tractors go far beyond just innovative designs to better suit your needs and are available in the following 3 models:

  • 6165J (165 HP)
  • 6185J (185 HP)
  • 6210J (210 HP)

Where to Purchase?

John Deere tractors can be purchased from Farm Dynamics Pakistan (FDP) that was established in 2010. The company was founded to improve the overall performance of the agricultural sector by presenting and promoting efficient farming solutions.

FDP over the years has remained active in introducing farming techniques and methods. It has the equipment that is needed for good farming practices. FDP is one of the authorized dealers in Pakistan that is providing standard based machinery.

After Sales Service

There are very few machinery providers in Pakistan that provide with after sale service and FDP is among those providers. FDP values its customers and therefore has designed policies in a way to assist customers in every possible way. It has hired experts who are regularly trained by John Deere to help with repair and maintenance for the products that it provides.

Other than this FDP also provides with Free of Cost (FOC) checkups to ensure that the machinery is working properly. These FOC checkups are conducted in 2 different stages that are as follows:

  • The first checkup is on completion of 100 hours of the machine’s operation
  • The second checkup is on completion of first 500 hours of machine’s operation

Write us on info@fdp.com.pk or call us on 042 353 123 01 to get price estimation for your new John Deere tractor and make your farming easier with innovative tractor range.