Mechanized Sugarcane Planter – The Perfect Tool to Plant Sugarcane Efficiently

Sugarcane is a crop in which there is little mechanization in Pakistan, all operations of farming from plantation to harvesting is labor dependent. That is one of the key causes for the huge cost of cultivation of Sugarcane with a lower yield. In recent times, a mechanized John Deere Sugarcane Planter has been introduced by Farm Dynamics Pakistan which can plant almost 10 acres fields for each day with only a single planter.

Why Mechanized Sugarcane Planting is Significant?

The planting and harvesting stages in sugarcane production cycle require huge labor involvement, which indeed makes sugarcane production highly unproductive leading to escalated costs and delays profits for growers. Mechanized sugarcane planting and harvesting enables:

  • Better germination
  • Fast operations
  • Improved efficiency
  • Less dependence on labor
  • Minimized costs
  • The process of Mechanized Sugarcane Planting

The 5 in 1 John Deere Twin Row Sugarcane Planter does the following jobs, simultaneously:

  1. Ridging
  2. Seed cutting
  3. Uniform Seed laying
  4. Fertilizer application
  5. Soil covering

It can plant around 1 acre of sugarcane in an hour and with a single planter. With a compact design. Two people can easily sit on top of the planter with the task of giving seed input to the planter. While the operators give seed input to the planter, the machine performs the above mentioned 5 jobs simultaneously, which in manual planting requires multiple labor personnel. Giving time and cost savings to the farmer, followed by excellent germination.

Seed depth can be adjusted in the planter, as per soil condition. With a minimum 55HP tractor requirement, 1000 kg sugarcane seed can be loaded onto the planter at one time.

Mechanized Sugarcane Planting in Pakistan

John Deere Sugarcane Planter has been used and endorsed by Sugarcane Research & Development Board (SRDB), numerous sugar mills and farmers, including:

  1. JDW Sugar Mills Ltd
  2. Al Moiz Sugar Mills Ltd
  3. Layyah Sugar Mills Ltd
  4. Safina Sugar Mills Ltd
  5. Chashma Sugar Mills Ltd
  6. Premier Sugar Mills Ltd
  7. Sheikhoo Sugar Mills Ltd
  8. Ramzan Sugar Mills Ltd
  9. Jauharabad Sugar Mills Ltd
  10. Mirpurkhas Sugar Mills

Comments of these sugarcane experts on the John Deere Sugarcane Planter can be viewed in the following video: