Mechanized Sugarcane Production In Pakistan | FDP Pakistan

Sugarcane is a significant cash crop in Pakistan, but its yield per hectare is very low due to insufficient farming techniques and lack of versatile machines for sugarcane production. That is the reason many Pakistani farmers are opting mechanized sugarcane production. The machinery is used to perform various cultural practices such as planting, inter-culture, fertilizer application, and harvesting. The machinery has proved to be a multipurpose and effective aid to the farmers for increasing the yield of sugarcane crop.

The Dawn Of Mechanized Sugarcane Production

Since the cost of labor in Pakistan is increasing rapidly and the expense of local sugar is uncompetitive with the product from international producers, Pakistan needs to alter its sugarcane production methods from manual to mechanization in order to catch up with international trends in the global market.

For sugarcane plantation, a proper managing procedure is required along with a mechanized process such as

  • Seed treatment
  • Crop rotation
  • Cultivation of resistant varieties
  • Growing separate nursery of approved varieties
  • Prevention of irrigation water from infected field to the healthy one
  • Benefits Of Mechanized Sugarcane Cultivation

The main operations in sugarcane cultivation from land preparation, sugarcane planting, ratoon management, weeding, harvesting, detracting and trash management, respectively need mechanization. Still, some of the sugarcane grown in Pakistan is still planted and harvested by hand.

Use of mechanization helps in

  • Helps In Improving Quality Of Work
  • Labor Saving
  • Timeliness Of Operations
  • Human Drudgery Reduction
  • Reduces Cost Of Operation
  • Ensures Effective Utilization Of Resources


In case of automatic planters, dropping of the bud is also automatic besides other planting operations. But with the machinery where cutting of whole cane into sets is also done simultaneously, planting through the machine has become a viable hypothesis.

The cost of sugarcane planting with mechanical planter may be reduced by about 60% and 85% labor as compared to the conventional system of cane planting.

Mechanized Sugarcane Planter

John Deere sugarcane Harvester planter is one of the most used machinery for plantation of sugarcane in Pakistan. It has the following features:

  • Multilevel depth control according to the moisture content and soil
  • Planting up to 10 acres per day with one planter
  • Single & Dual row with uniform row spacing
  • Higher performance, less cost


Mechanical means for the harvesting of sugarcane crop is to enhance the quality of cutting and reduced energy input. With sugarcane harvesting machines, all the operations like cutting, conveying, billeting can be done within the machine.

Mechanized Sugarcane Harvester

John Deere sugarcane harvester provides optimum harvesting solution. Coupled with the right-field layout and planting geometry, this machinery can offer the following advantages:

  • Faster & uniform harvesting
  • Improved yield of next ratoon
  • Number of ratoons
  • Higher sucrose recovery
  • Minimum cane loss in the field

Farm dynamics Pakistan understands that there is a considerable mechanization gap in the area of sugarcane planting, harvesting and ratoon management. That is why they deal with imported John Deere sugarcane planter and harvester.