Overcome The Problems In Quality Silage Making

Silage is forage, crop residues produced anaerobically. It is an industrial and agricultural by-product that is preserved by acids, either artificially or by natural preservation. It can be fed to sheep cattle and other ruminants. Silage can be also used as a biofuel feedstock for anaerobic digesters.

Problems In Quality Silage Making

Silage making constitutes four phases such as:

  • Aerobic Phase
  • Fermentation Phase
  • Stable Phase
  • Feedout Phase

An issue in any of the above phases leads to damaged or unwanted products.

  • Poor fermentation: It can result in in spoiling of nutrients.
  • Aerobic spoilage: It is caused by molds and yeasts. It often results in heating and dry matter losses.
  • Incorrect moisture levels: It can be either too wet or too dry.
  • Mycotoxins: These are harmful secondary metabolites produced by fungi. They cause a wide range of undesirable effects in cattle.
  • Quality concerns: Such as protein levels, fiber and digestibility, etc.

To help overcome these problems, it takes both good silage and good forage management. Only then can producers attain maximum gains from top quality silage.

Also, it is essential that the ration is balanced appropriately around the silage so that you get the maximum product possible.

Quality silage making attributes:

  • Simple and cost-efficient storage of the bales
  • Straightforward production of mixed feed (TMR)
  • Easy and economic transport of the bales
  • Silage maize can be utilized as summer feed

Goweil Lt Master Silage Baling & Wrapping Machine

Use of imported and reliable silage wrapping machinery is a must practice for small scale and mid-sized farmers in Pakistan. Benefits of Goweil baler-wrapper combination that speak for themselves are:

  • More bundle per hour: The workflow fully tuned ensures a large production – up to 60 tonnes per hour.
  • Design of the machine: You’ll be prepared to have the device prepared for use in approx. three minutes.
  • Fast and agile: The mobile pivoting drawbar makes it easy to swivel out the machine easily.
  • A greasy affair: The central lubricator supplies the most essential lubrication points continuously.
  • No way is too long: The 80 km/h chassis enables you to reach any site of operation fast.
  • Sophisticated brake system: A dual-line air brake system combined with a hydraulic brake system.
  • Let there be light: The LED lighting system allows the LT-Master to be perfectly lit even if you have to work at night.

Farm Dynamics Pakistan is a certified dealer and importer of Goweil Balers in Pakistan. Contact us today for more information.