Rhodes Grass Cultivation In Pakistan: Requirements And Procedure

Rhodes Grass is actually a kind of wild grass grown in tropical zones. It is also fostered in agricultural countries, especially for animal feed.

Rhodes grass is commonly used as fodder for horses and farm cattle, etc. It contains adequate fats proteins and carbohydrates that are fundamental intakes for milk giving animals.
Rhodes grass cultivation is not like boiling the ocean. Just special care must be taken as the farming will be done on a large scale.

Rhodes Grass Cultivation In Pakistan

According to a recent study, the domestic market of Pakistan in shape of livestock and dairy farmers is present. The livestock population is growing at the rate of 4.2% per year and accordingly, its feed requirements are also rising. The area under numerous fodder crops in the country is estimated as 2.31 million hectares and annual fodder production is 51.92 million tons. The target market of this scale fodder farm will be the domestic fodder retailers and wholesalers, the exporters of hay and the dairy farmers.

Technology: The farm will use the imported hybrid seeds of Rhodes grass, and the handheld ultra-modern harvesting machinery as provided by Farm Dynamics Pakistan.

Location: The farming may be instigated on the irrigated agricultural lands of Punjab, Baluchistan, interior Sindh, and KPK.

Product: The farm will primarily produce and market the Rhodes grass hay.

Target Market: The local cattle feed retail /wholesale traders and dairy farmers, hay export market.
Cultivation Procedure

Land Preparation: Prepare the beds well and consistently plain so that to ensure effective irrigation.

Seed Sowing: Propagate the seeds by a broadcast method in standing water. For better production, the seed rate should be 8 Kg per acre. The sowing is ideal to be done from the months of February to October.
The implication of Fertilizer per Acre: Apply 1 bag DAP and 1 to 1.5 bag urea at the time of sowing, and then 1 to 2 bags urea after each cut.

Harvesting: Use the Mower for harvesting and cut above 4 inches from the soil. First, cut will be prepared to harvest in 50 days, and the remaining to be cut in 30 days. The production can be acquired until 3 years.

Swath Forming: The Rake is utilized to form the Swath by raking the grass into even strips, light tossing of the mowed mass in strips, throwing, covering and doubling the straw swaths.

Desiccating the Green Grass in Sunlight: During raking, the drying process starts and lasts under sunlight till the moisture in fodder is reduced to 15%.

Bale Making: Bales are made out of the desiccated Hay. The Baler pickups the straw strips of natural and sow grass or straw, press grass mass into rectangular bales and ties them with rope.
Storage and Marketing: The bales are stored and then delivered as per orders from customers.

Farm Dynamics Pakistan provides high-quality seeds for growing Rhodes grass and ryegrass in any season at competitive rates. For more information, write your queries to info@fdp.com.pk or dial 042 353 123 01.