With 35.4 sugarcane yield, Pakistan has secured a stable position in world leader of sugarcane producers. But the traditional plantation and harvesting methods are proving ineffective in reducing the wastage and harnessing the production timeline. So many farmers are opting for mechanized sugarcane plantation and harvesting methods that are much efficient and result oriented in comparison to century old sugarcane production techniques. Let’s explore the key aspects of mechanized Sugarcane Harvesters and plantation methods that make them preferable in the eyes of progressive Pakistani farmers.

In old days when the machines were not part of our technologically advanced lifestyle, farmersused to hire manpower for preparing and planting seeds. This labor was used again for the cutting of the prepared sugarcane from its roots and requires days of work and patience. Today, we have been blessed by machines that are capable of preparing and sowing the seeds in totally controlled manner. Not only that, these machines can be used in the process of harvesting without compromising on optimal sugarcane length. With the employment of hi-tech machinery, the farmers/land owners are no longer require to hire manpower to do the job as they were in the old days.

Practically speaking, each laborer would want to be paid against the time and energy he’d spendfor performing the job. As the laborers increase in number so does the cost of cultivation which leads to increased cost for sugarcane cultivation. But with the employment of various machines that we have today for plantation and harvesting of sugarcane, you are no longer require to hire labor in abundance like old days. The mechanized sugarcane plantation and harvesting method requires only a few skilled workers that know how to drive the tractors, planters and harvesters and complete the job adequately.

With the usage of mechanized sugarcane plantation and harvesting methods, a land owner cancultivate more land in less time. The new planters and harvesters are designed to perform the job of 100 men singlehandedly and that’s what makes them ideal for mass sugarcane cultivation. Where the labor-intensive cultivation process requires 9-12 months in sowing and cutting of sugarcane, the machine method can perform the job earlier. Not only that, you can sow and harvest the sugar before the usual harvesting time due to their work efficiency and expect to secure larger profit share in the market.

One of the concerns that sugarcane farmers have is the waste disposal challenges. The newmachinery is designed by keeping this aspect in mind and it answers the trash management concerns of the farmers adequately. With the employment of mechanized sugarcane plantation and harvesting method, you can control over the cane loss in the field. This enables you to obtain higher amount of sucrose and improve high yield of ratoon which ultimately allow you to meet your harvesting targets. Plus, the new machinery designed for mechanized sugarcane plantation and harvesting also offers you the ability to extract the juice and perform the crystallization process in a total waste-free manner.