The Importance Of Surface & Sub Surface Monitoring System in Pakistan

Pakistan being an agricultural country relies on proper water management and soil monitoring. The dependency on irrigation is related to the arid conditions that occur in most of the country. Proper monitoring systems such as Sentek Enviroscan tracks moisture, temperature, and salinity in the soil.

It helps to show the effectiveness and depth of infiltration of rainfall and irrigation, amount of water uptake and evapotranspiration from different parts of the root zone, active depth of root zone at different times of the growing season, deep drainage, and fluctuating water tables.

Benefits Of Surface & Sub Surface Monitoring System

The following list is considered as potential advantages of surface and subsurface monitoring systems when properly managed and/or when site conditions and cropping systems allow the advantage to be realized.

Benefits Related To Water And Soil Issues

More effective use of water – Evaporation of the soil, ground drainage and profound percolation are decreased or eliminated significantly. Seasonal precipitation infiltration and retention can be improved with drier soils with less soil crusting.

The system may be used to track germination in some cases, depending on the depth of the dripline, the flow rate, and the soil constraints.

Improved utilization possibilities for degraded soils – Smaller and more frequent monitoring system may retain a more coherent and smaller groundwater matrix capacity that may decrease salinity risks.

Advantages Related To Cropping And Cultural Practices

  • Increased plant development, the output of crops and performance.
  • Improved plant health–Due to drier and less humid crop canopies, less illness and fungal stress occur. It is also possible to use the scheme to monitor uneven circumstances.
  • Improved handling of fertilizers and pesticides–Precise and prompt use of fertilizers and pesticides may lead to increased effectiveness and, in some instances, reduced use.
  • Better management of weed–monitor germination of weeds. In drier areas, weed development often happens. The monitoring system, therefore, helps to control weeds.

Encapsulated Soil Moisture, Temperature and Salinity Probe

The Drill & Drop by Sentek Enviroscan is a fully encapsulated, easy to install soil measurement probe. It is available with moisture, salinity and temperature sensors at every 10cm depth.

  • Fully encapsulated materials
  • Robust sample and simple assembly
  • The tapered shape enables incredibly quick and high-quality uninterrupted installation in most kinds of soil
    Ability to assess the real soil profile
  • Buriable to any depth
  • Proven soil humidity and salinity measurements
  • Pre-normalized devices with integrated default calibration
  • Access ground profile information
  • Available in various dimensions and as a single point detector

Farm Dynamic Pakistan is an authorized dealer of Enviroscan surface and subsurface monitoring system. The system combines soil moisture, temperature, and salinity readings to see what is happening in the soil profile. Contact us today to book a quote.