The Need Of Mechanization In Sugarcane Production

Sugarcane is one of the staple cash crops of Pakistan. It holds for approximately 3% of the additional agricultural value and 0.7% of the gross domestic product. Sugarcane production has a direct and indirect influence on the national economy, and sugarcane plays a critical role in food management.

Why There Is Low Yield Of Sugarcane Production?

The low yield is due to post-harvest losses and poor management. Sugarcane cultivation has passed down from generations and is dominant among the farmers.  The conventional methods are commonly used in sugarcane production and labor is a critical input in sugarcane production.

The process is not mechanized and is mostly labor demanding. The majority of the farmers do not follow advance practices, fertilizer application, inter-culturing, and timely irrigation.  The issues of post-harvest losses comprise of incorrect handling, harvesting, and insufficient transport services.


  • Lack of Modern Agriculture technology
  • Low per Hectare Yield
  • Poor Financial Position of Farmer
  • Subsistence Farming
  • Lack of irrigation Facilities
  • An old method of Production
  • Inadequate Infrastructure
  • Inadequate Supply of Agriculture Inputs
  • Improper Crop Rotation

Importance Of Mechanized Sugarcane Production

Production methods such as planting time, soil type, varieties, inputs use and availability of water; they all have a substantial impact on sugarcane production. While examining the input costs and net returns relationship of sugarcane production, the essential inputs such as irrigation chemical fertilizer, and use of labor were considered.  This is the reason the use of mechanization has become inevitable for sugarcane production


The most commonly used methods of sugarcane planting are “end to end”, “overlapping”, and “double set”. The mechanized planting method i.e. use of John Deere Mechanized Sugarcane Planter offers:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Faster operations
  • Less dependency on labor
  • Reduced costs

800—1000kg of sugarcane can be loaded to deliver higher performance and costs less to operate in terms of fuel consumption.
The structure and major components of the machinery are more durable with high quality of the material.


As the harvester functions 24 hours per day during the harvesting season, cutting the processed of cane is made easy.
When harvesting is mechanized, there is no unwanted soot on the sugarcane so it does not need to be washed. John Deere Mechanized Sugarcane Harvesters offers

  • Faster & uniform harvesting
  • Higher sucrose recovery
  • Improved yield of next ratoon
  • More Number of ratoons
  • Minimum cane loss in the field


In order to enhance the productivity of sugarcane, the government, farmers and other related organizations must switch to mechanized ways of planting and harvesting. Considering this, Farm Dynamics Pakistan provides modern agriculture equipment with competitive prices.