Trapview: All You Need To Know About Automated Pest Monitoring System In Pakistan

To combat insects, progressive farmers no longer rely solely on conventional pesticides. The use of mechanical and biological control methods has improved. While resistance to pesticides has driven much of this change in management philosophy, many growers are now finding out how well new control agents work and how they can be easily incorporated into pest management programs.

Beneficial and insect-parasitic nematodes have become more widely adopted as they are compliant with other pest control agents and insecticides due to their versatility for tank-mix applications. In order to help control insects and pests that are or may become resistant, they are often rotated with insecticides. That is why regular pest monitoring is necessary.

Importance Of Regular Pest Monitoring

  • Most biological control agents have restricted the ability to rapidly control high populations of pests. Regular pest monitoring and scouting early in a crop cycle are important to identify the presence of insects.
  • Studying previous control records and pest monitoring will identify what pests were present, what control measures were taken, at what time of year, and efficiency of control measures in controlling the pest.
  • As pests exceed thresholds, modern insecticides compliant with automated pest control can quickly reduce concentrations of pests to manageable levels. Depending on grower preference, crop species and stage, crop sensitivity and growing conditions, economic thresholds vary.
  • Regular monitoring of pests is essential for the development of effective pest management and for guiding decision-making on application. With a mix of biological and chemical prevention chemicals, being effective in managing insect pests will help keep the plants safe and your customers happy.

Automated Pest Monitoring System In Pakistan

Each Trapview trap at Farm Dynamic Pakistan is fully automated, independent of energy and can be extended with basic weather data sensors. Integrated connectivity enables automatic data collection to be reliable.

  • The standard shaped housings capture pests very efficiently
  • Durable, weather and light-resistant housing
  • High-resolution images of pests caught in the trap

Plant pest monitoring data is highly valuable because it underpins many other aspects of the automated monitoring system. These include:

  • Early detection of exotic pests: Checks are regularly made in high-risk areas for pests that Pakistan doesn’t have in an effort to detect new pest invasions before they become widely established. Early detection increases the chance of containment responses and successful eradication.
  • Delimiting the spread of pests: Following a pest invasion, delimiting surveys provide data on the distribution and spread of pests for use in response management activities or to confirm the successful eradication of the pest.
  • Improving pest management: Monitoring improves management decisions by providing information on pest population rate.
  • Identifying high-risk areas and pathways to focus on future monitoring efforts.

Trapview —Ideal Pest Monitoring System

Trapview is a pest/insect monitoring and forecasting platform. Automated electronic traps enable effective maintenance and free monitoring of pests/insects. Modern artificial intelligence-based processing of trap data assists farmers to get accurate and real-time understanding of pest population dynamics as well as the forecast of pest development stages in a particular area. This showcase Trapview as a key decision support tool for planning field activities and for optimal usage of yield protection.