Understanding The Implications Behind Silage Wrapping

Silage has earned enormous popularity in the humid areas of Pakistan especially Sindh and Punjab.

As a farmer or proprietor, you are accountable for optimizing your company output as well as setting company objectives and company plans. However, setting and achieving objectives can demonstrate to be hard when working long hours and handling seasonal employees.

Opting ultramodern and efficient machinery provided by Farm Dynamics Pakistan for silage wrapping and baling is a smart choice.

Silage Wrapping: Interesting Facts

Round baler wrapper is a specifically equipped baler built to handle the demanding job of making high-moisture and heavy crops into high-density bales of silage that can simply be wrapped for the best probable storage and fermentation.

A round bale wrapper combination refers to round baler versions specially designed to handle crops efficiently at high moisture. Silage is made with the crop that is greater in moisture content.

LT-Master (baler-wrapper combination) can turn almost any chopped material into finely pressed and wrapped round bales such as corn silage, sugar beet cassettes, CCM, alfalfa, mixed feed, and numerous other materials.

Features Of Goweil LT Master Machinery For Silage Wrapping

A premium round baler delivered and supplied by FDP in Pakistan offers the following features:

  1. Mobile Wrapping Table: The mobile wrapping table slides down the baler and picks up the bale swiftly and smoothly.
  2. Twin Wrapping Arm: the twin wrapping arm comprises of 2×750 mm film stretching units.
  3. The patented plastic rollers offer the number of bales per roll of film.
  4. Film Monitoring Unit And Single-Film Operation: If a film roll runs out or tears, the pace with which the wrapping table revolves the bale is reduced until a 50% overlap is reached again. This guarantees the wrapping process can be done without interruption.
  5. Automatic Film Cutting & Holding System: The stainless steel knife ensures that the film will be cut with accuracy.
  6. Bale Delivery Ramp: A gentle bale drop is obtained by the hydraulically lowerable bale delivery ramp.
    Take-Home Message For Farm Owners

When wrapping individually, if the silage does not turn evenly on the wrapping machine stage due to poor shape, the film will not apply uniformly. When line wrapping, improper bale shape may lead to wrap film splits at the matched surfaces between bales. In either state, the result will be spoilage and feed-lost.

As a low-cost storage unit for long-stem legumes or grasses, it aids the small or part-time farmer in specific. The silage bales can be placed in suitable locations around the farm to offer small feeding units for intended consumption time.

In silage, as much as a high degree of feed compression is important, a clean production process and the quick exclusion of air is significant too.

Farm Dynamics Pakistan delivers and imports high tech machinery form Goweil such as:

  • Round baler wrapper
  • Round bale wrapper combination
  • Square bale wrappers
  • Bale transport equipment
  • Bale opening devices

For more information, write your queries to info@fdp.com.pk or dial 042 353 123 01.