Utilization Of John Deere Mechanical Sugarcane Planter For Increased Productivity

“At least once in a lifetime, you’ll need a Lawyer, Doctor, and an Architect. But every day, 3 times a day you’ll need a Farmer!”

Thus, making the process easier for farmers!

Mechanization of sugarcane plantation is a term used in a very general sense. It incorporates the use of machines either mobile or immobile, large or small, run by power for plantation of sugarcane. One such paradigm for mechanical plantation of sugarcane is John Deere Mechanical Sugarcane Planter supplied by Farm Dynamics Pakistan.

John Deere Mechanical Sugarcane Planter And Increased Productivity

Mechanization increases the speed and rapidity of work with which farming operations can be accomplished. More machinery and increased electrification can induce a significant increase in the efficiency of agricultural labor. Thus, increasing farm income.

Efficiency and Per Man Productivity

Mechanical Sugarcane Planter raises the efficiency of labor and increases farm production per worker. By its nature, it decreases the quantum of labor needed to produce a unit of output.

The yield of Land Per Unit of Area

Mechanical Sugarcane Planter increases the yield of crops up to a significant percentage.

Lower Cost of Work

Recent researches showed that the cost of production and the yields could be adjusted properly if mechanization of sugarcane plantation is resorted to. It decreases the demand for work animals for plowing, water lifting, harvesting, transporting, etc. Recent studies showed that the sowing cost can be reduced up to 65% with mechanical sugarcane planter.

Labor Shortage

In some areas of Pakistan where human labor falls short of requirements in agriculture, use of machines such as John Deere Mechanical Sugarcane Planter can replace human and animal power.

Ultra Modern Sugarcane Plantation Method

John Deere Mechanical Sugarcane Planter covers multiple operations at a time.

It has ridges for

  • Making two furrows at a time
  • Canes are cut into setts
  • Setts are placed in the furrows
  • And also at the same time fertilizers are applied to the soil
  • Ultimately, setts are covered with the soil.

Since the cost of labor in our country is growing rapidly and the price of local sugar is noncompetitive with the product from mechanized international producers, Pakistan needs to alter its sugarcane production methods from manual sowing of sugarcane to mechanization in order to meet the international trends in this global industry.
Mechanized sowing of sugarcane helps in the timeliness of operations, human labor reduction, decreases the cost of operation, helps in enhancing the quality of work and guarantees effective exploitation of resources. Almost all of the sugarcane grown in Pakistan is still harvested manually and de-trashing of the leaves is done by hand. The present-day dependence on the monsoon as the only irrigation of crops in Pakistan can be obtained by a more scientific approach. i.e. mechanization.

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