Why Good Quality Twine Is Important In Hay Making?

Making hay is one approach to protecting livestock feeds. Over the last few years, the weather has transformed considerably to the worst and nowadays it is no longer imaginable to precisely predict what will occur in next season. That is why, as a livestock agriculturalist, you need to be fully prepared to suffer the worst through preserving a sufficient amount of feeds for your livestock and for this reason haymaking comes in. Haymaking is not so simple and you must know how to do it under an accurate manner in order to end up with perfect quality feeds for your livestock at the time of feeding.

Bailing Process

First of all, you need to harvest your grass and other feedstuff on time and reserve the crops for a small number of hours in order to shed some water. Afterward, you should have a baler that will produce the square or round bales. This is the point where things get difficult. The practice of baling is not so simple. Apart from hiring a baler, you must have a sophisticated baling twine.

Wrapping & Baling Process

A baling twine, else recognized as a baler twine, is a kind of synthetic cord consisted of robust fibrous material. It is predominantly used to tie up other kinds of fibrous stuff – commonly hay or straw into a more stackable and compact form.  This is what keeps the hay compact and hence you need to make certain that you are getting a high-quality twine. In case you make use of low-quality baler twine, you will turn out frustrated as the whole process of baling will take longer than anticipated and it will cost you more. For that reason, you must be sure that you are making use of quality twine prior you start the wrapping and baling process.

Once it comes to procuring a baler twine, there are a number of aspects you should check. First of all, the twine has to be resilient enough to make sure easy wrapping and to be capable of holding the baled hay inflexibly. Or else, if the baler twine is of inferior quality, it may disrupt and this is the most awful aspect that could happen while baling. Moreover, making use of strong baler twine indicates that you will have the easiest time while transporting the hay bales. Another point to consider is UV stability. As the bales will be left over the ground, you should make sure that you are getting a twine that can withstand against harsh climate.

High-Quality Baler Twine

To be certain that you are getting high-quality baler twine, you need to make sure that you are getting twine from legitimate manufacturer or supplier. All it takes thorough a little research and you will ultimately get a trustworthy dealer who can provide you a warranty for up to a year. Once you make use of quality twine, you can be sure of making high-quality hay bales and this indicates sufficient feeds for your livestock.

Farm Dynamics Pakistan offers its customers a complete range of twines that can easily be utilized in all squares, round and big baling machinery, these twines are manufactured by CORDEXagri, Portugal and offer its customers to experience the below-mentioned features:

  • Heavy Duty
  • Premium Quality
  • UV Stabilized
  • Polypropylene
  • Tension Tested